This is where we want to share readings we’ve found to be interesting, thought provoking and even provocative. Please note that inclusion in this section does not always mean a full endorsement. Sometimes a reading will be included because we think a reasoned debate on the issues it raises is needed.

Readings: General

The readings on this page are listed under these category headings:

Housing / Land & Food / Mutual Aid / Science & Technology / Social Science / Surveillance

Within each category, the most recently published reading will be at the top. It’s expected that more categories will be added.

Readings: Lockdown, The ‘New Normal’, The Great Re-set

As the issues in the title of this page look set to be playing a major part in screwing our lives over as we head into whatever dystopian future awaits us, we thought it was time to have a separate page for readings about them. We’re not hiding the fact that we’re lockdown sceptic, hate the ‘new normal’ and will fight to the last breath in our bodies to resist the great re-set – we make no apology if this should irk you.

A housekeeping note – for the forseeable future, this page will be organised on the basis of the most recent reading being at the top. As this list grows, we may have to divide this page into various categories to make it easier for you to find what you want.